Make the Most of that First Impression


1. Keep the lawn trimmed and edged. Weed and cultivate flower gardens.

    Trim shrubs and eliminate dead trees or branches. Pick up any debris,

    toys and lawn equipment.

2. Repair any fences and gates. Give them a fresh coat of paint, if necessary.

3. Is the exterior wall painted, the roof in good repair, as well as gutters and downspouts?

4. Wash down driveways and sidewalks.

5. Replace any cracked windows and torn screens.

6.  The entrance should be clean and in good repair. The doorbell must be in

    working condition. Wash down the mailbox and sweep the porch.



Make Your Home Sparkle and Shine


1. Walls should be clean and free of smudges, fingerprints and dents.

    Consider a fresh coat of paint, if a good washing doesn’t do the trick.

    Inspect woodwork and wallpaper for problem areas.

2. Arrange furniture to make each room appear more spacious and attractive.

    If a piece of furniture is badly worn, store it temporarily in the attic

    or at your neighbor’s house.

3. Wash windows and sills until sparkling clean.

    Curtains and drapes should be freshly laundered.

4. Shampoo rugs and carpets. Floors should be waxed.

5. Repair loose doorknobs, sticking doors and windows, and warped drawers.

6. Fix leaky faucets and eliminate water discoloration in sinks.

7. Tighten loose stair banisters and be sure steps are free of objects.

8. Light fixtures should be in good repair. Replace discolored

    or cracked switch plates.

9. Clean out closets to display their roominess. Be sure clothes are

    hung neatly and shoes and other objects tidily arranged.

10. Bathrooms should be sparkling clean. Repair the caulking in tubs and showers.

    If necessary, replace shower curtain and set out your best towels.

11. Bedrooms should appear neat with attractive spreads and curtains.

12. Clean and organize the basement, attic and garage.

13. Kitchen should be clean and dishes put away. Make sure the garbage is taken out.

14. Clear the fireplace of ashes.